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Thank you Anne Prescott for this interesting piece - many of our members, of course, recall their early years and the incidence of the pressure chambers used to treat young people who contracted Polio.
April 1, 2020

Dame Jean Macnamara's 121st Birthday

Today’s Doodle, illustrated by Sydney-based guest artist Thomas Campi, celebrates Australian doctor and medical scientist Dame Jean Macnamara on her 121st birthday. Dr. Macnamara applied her tireless work ethic to better understand and treat various forms of paralysis including polio, and her work contributed to the development of a successful polio vaccine in 1955.
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Stuart Greaves spent his savings on his first open-wheel racing car as a teenager over 40 years ago, which he destroyed shortly thereafter when youthful enthusiasm exceeded ability. Subsequently he turned his attention to athletics and by age thirty was selected to represent Australia as a marathon runner internationally.


Meeting Speakers
Online Meeting - Colin Christie
Apr 15, 2020
The World of Amateur Radio

Colin will present and demonstrate how it is possible to communicate locally and around the world. The presentation will be a non-technical discussion and will cover overseas communication, the use of local FM and new digital repeaters, satellites and the International Space Station. Amateurs can transmit in voice, Morse Code, can send Television pictures and Packet Radio (a form of email send over the airwaves).

There are about 15,000 Amateur Radio Operators in Australia, many of whom provide emergency communications during disasters. You never know who you might talk to next!

DG Kalma McLellan
Apr 22, 2020
My year in review
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Member's "Fast Cars" Competition   Jim V's was considered the all round "Best Car" from a hot field of 13 entries.
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