Speaker Date Topic
Annette Gurr Feb 01, 2023
Child Grief
Child Grief

Annette is associated with the National Centre for Childhood Grief ( NCCG) and a specialist in counselling support for bereaved children and their families

Outline of Annette's presentation.

  • NCCG background and history
  • What programs we provide to children and families
  • Why we provide these programs – the importance of our work and the risks for children who do not address childhood grief. 
  • How the NCCG is funded?
Martin Thomas Feb 08, 2023
Modular Nuclear Reactors
Modular Nuclear Reactors

The presentation will draw out the UMPNER findings and present them in a layman friendly manner.  It will address issues of cost, sustainability, safety and of course spent fuel disposal.  The intent is to provide factual, well researched support to support intelligent and informed debate on the potential of nuclear energy for Australia.