Posted by Editor/Phill Comfort
A big team of members volunteered to support this initiative - hopeful of being an annual event. Phill Comfort and his helpers gathered together a wonderful array of re purposed gifts and other donated items to display. Their spirits were temporarily dampened - at 5pm a torrential downpour arrived that threatened the event, however all was recovered around opening time and our team went to work. Many thanks to Helen Clarke, Greg Starr, Sheila Flynn, Jim Fulton, Barbara Salisch, Simon Clegg and Lily, Peter Lorschy, Nermine Toma, Ann Davidson and Phill Comfort for the attendance.
Our Rotaractors were also in attendance with a stand. Dave Rigby also secured raffle ticket sales from a number of  folks. A useful stall profit (over $600) was achieved although perhaps the inclement weather turned a few patrons away.