Dr. Radha Simhadri is originally from India but has been educated and worked overseas in USA for 25 years. For the last 15 years Radha has been working in Australia as an audiologist in private practice and has been a member of the Rotary Club of Wahroonga for over 18 months. Radha trained and practised Audiology in USA for over 25 years, and has several years of experience as a clinician, researcher, and professor.
Radha is very passionate about enhancing the quality of life of hearing-impaired children and currently runs four clinics in Australia. She has started a State-of-the-Art Hearing Diagnostic & Implant Centre in India to enhance the quality of life of hearing-impaired individuals.
Radha currently has two projects in India, one of which is her own project (the Early Identification & Rehabilitation of Hearing Loss in Newborns and young children) and the other is indirectly supported through Rotary in a rural area of South India (District of Coorg) to support Vocational training programs for the Disabled using an ECO friendly plastic recycle program.
The Rotary Club of Wahroonga is hosting a fund raising event for the Recycling Program.

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The Hearing, Tinnitus & Implant Clinic in Mysore India

Radha Simhadri’s long-term vision was to provide “Early Identification & Rehabilitation of Hearing loss in Newborn and young children from lower socio-economic families in India. With that in mind, in May 2017, she started a Hearing, Tinnitus & Implant clinic in Mysore, India.
The Hearing, Tinnitus & Implant Clinic in Mysore is a subsidiary of Hearing, Tinnitus & Implant Centre in Australia which is owned and operated by Dr. Radha Simhadri; a clinical Audiologist. The clinic provides highest quality of care to the hearing impaired as well as patients with Vertigo/Dizziness with emphasis on early identification and rehabilitation of hearing loss.
Its mission is to use state of the art -hearing technology to identify hearing loss in the Newborn, young children. Where affordability is an issue socio-economic reasons, we do provide free hearing aids as well as partially support Cochlear Implantation surgery in children.
The services at the Hearing & Implant Clinic are also focused on providing highest quality of care in an efficient & caring manner. Patients receive comprehensive, integrated and affordable Hearing, Vertigo as well Speech services; all under one umbrella. The clinic now provides services in nine locations, this includes five hospitals and clinics in Mysore, two in Coorg, one in Pondicherry and now in Hyderabad.
The clinics are equipped with latest Diagnostic & Rehabilitation equipment and provides latest Newborn Screening Testing, Hearing Implants Hearing aids, Vertigo & Dizziness Assessment as well Speech Programs for Disabled Children including Autistic patients. The clinics up until now are financially supported by Dr. Simhadri. Dr. Simhadri s in the process of setting up a not-for-profit organisation so that funds from donors and clubs such as Rotary can help support more children in need of cochlear Implants.