The southern NSW Bushfires have certainly taken their toll--arising from the initiative of Salliane McLelland (until recently CEO of the Hornsby Womens shelter) we would like to offer our support in sourcing much needed materials to support the desperate predicament of people of Mogo


Sallianne says: "At the request from some of the Mogo Public School parents, Principal and town residents we are urgently requesting your help to collect essential supplies (AS LISTED--link below) and place in 60L Tubs ($8 from Kmart).

Please NO Clothes, shoes, linens, homewares and all items must be in date"

We have been advised to collect and deliver to drop zone from Monday 6 - Friday 10 January 2020 The ONLY Drop Zone: SOS Removals Thornleigh: 22/10 Chilvers Rd, Thornleigh NSW 2120. Hours M-Th 8am-5pm and Friday 8am-12noon.

Note: NO deliveries after midday on Friday. Thank You. Our Truck leaves early on Saturday morning and will head directly to the town of Mogo to assist families who have lost everything.

This is the first delivery of many. Our second delivery we will be just after Australia Day and include the Back to School Back Packs we have already put in place."

The truck is loading-Jo Ann Moffat interviewed by Ch 9 News -here

The list of preferred items at this link --here

And by the end of the week all was packed and loaded and ready to go--what a week!
Jo-Ann and the girls weary but satisfied