Youth Services
Supported by WRC
A joint project/Foundation between WRC and the SAN and Phil McCarroll Automotive
To raise funds from the Community to support local youth orientated organisations
Over 10 years the Foundation has raised in excess of $1.2 Million
WRC manages the admin for the Dinner
Families who have a child /grandchild with a disability who would benefit / enjoy some time out. Any family from any area is welcome to apply.
The Abbox Sony Camp is a free fun camp for children ages 5-15 over a period of 4 days.  Wahroonga working closely with Knox and Abbotsleigh Schools
Parents achieve a much needed time out.  Their children have a fun 4 days and the young student support staff learn some really valuable life skills
Yes for the past 5 years
DVD FOR NOVUS & District
All beneficiaries for the Novus Foundation Dinner provide a short 2.5 min video
To highlight a segment of the work by Rotary in this case the year 10 RYPEN Leadership course
David Fleming has produced an excellent Video and has extended it to 5mins for use by d9685
Yes as a beneficiary of NOVUS Foundation
A worldwide exchange of students for 12 months
To increase International understanding 
WRC has decided the cost of $8,000 for one student is not our best use of resources
A much needed face to face counselling service for young people
To ensure young people have somewhere to go to get professional assistance at a time of great stress.  This proposal provides seed funds for Saturday Counselling
A real reduction in risk of suicide and young people are provided with practical skills to reduce stress in their lives. This proposal provides additional counselling time
Yes Past
5 years
Lack of international understanding in a turbulent world
Understanding the charter of the United Nations
80 students annually in each District actively participating in a greater awareness of the role of the U
Yes, Usually two teams
Our Kids Our Mob
(Indigenous Program)
There are over 1800 Indigenous children living on the north Shore with some 80% fostered or with relatives
To assist the NSW Family Services Coordinator based in Hornsby Council to deliver culturally sensitive indigenous opportunities to them
Our role is to provide funds and hands to assist but not to advise.  We get greater sensitivity and understanding from our connection
Yes past 5 years
Operation Hope
Need to give children whose parents have limited resources a positive change in environment
Providing safe secure opportunities for young people in need
A distance donation where we assist by donating funds to send between 1 and 3 students a year
Yes, for past 10 years
PCYC Kids at Risk
The PCYC organisation has 2 police attached to each Club who work with kids at risk
To bring the kids at risk back into the community and give them a renewed purpose
WRC pays for one major 6 month  activity and works closely with the officers to provide assistance
Yes, for past 3 years
Youth leaders are usually self made with no opportunity to develop professional leadership skills
Creating leaders from successful existing youth leaders.  This live in 7 day course has been estimated to be worth over $7,000 in commercial terms
Almost 50 years of continuous programs for 80 – 100 young people annually from each District across Australia & now world wide
Yes Last 10 + years
3 people
Virtually no programs to assist the middle level of young people to find their potential
Youth leading Youth
Maximising potential and identifying leaders
(Year 10 students)
Teachers identify potential leaders and RYPEN opens their eyes to their own potential and Individuals build on their strengths
Yes Last 10+ Years
3 or 4 Students
Hornsby Outreach
Streetwork has operated out of Chatswood for some years and is looking to start up in Hornsby
To work closely with young people at risk by providing ongoing professional support
By moving to Manly and now Hornsby gaining wider reach and WRC considering future financial assistance
Not yet
Studio ARTES
Studio ARTES is based in Hornsby and had a serious fire this year in its HQ and outreach area losing all facilities and resources
To provide emergency financial assistance as they provide significant assistance to local young people with disabilities
As the Mental Health Youth Forum was put back to Oct 2016 we offered their allocation
Science & Engineering
Young bright minds needing greater awareness and understanding of the opportunities available
Assisting young people to determine their future directions in their chosen vocations (year 11 usually)
Exposing bright young people to the various opportunities in their chose vocation
Yes Offered Turramurra High
Y11 Science Awards
(National Youth Science )
Young bright minds needing greater awareness and understanding of the opportunities available
Assisting young people to determine their future directions in their chosen vocations (year 11 usually)
Exposing bright young people to the various opportunities in their chose vocation
Cost is $2,700 each
Youth Mental Health Forum
The Hornsby Kuringgai Youth Network is a gathering of Youth organisations in the area
To provide a forum for discussion of mental health problems facing students in the 23 local High Schools
Has had up to 400 students from 20 of the 23 High schools but needs better coordination (US?)
Yes for past 4 years but this year postponed
To Oct 2016
Other Annual Youth Activities
During the upcoming year we will plan on having a number of Club Meetings where we can showcase Youth Activities.
  • February 2017:  Meet the RYLA candidates to hear of their experiences at the annual RYLA one week live in course in the third week of January
  • March 2017:      Meet the RYPEN candidates to hear of their experiences at the annual RYPEN live in course in the last weekend of January
  • March 2017       Meet the NYSF Candidate and RYPEN students