Posted by Ian Cameron/Greg Starr
The enormous amount of work done by the Fair Committee culminated at the Village precinct on a fantastic day with a clear blue sky and an enormous crowd (and dogs).
The Club members turned out in numbers to tackle a wide range of tasks throughout the day including supporting the 140 stallholders
Apart from the last few days frantic lead up work the stall team was on site at 4.00am this morning and will finish at 7ish this evening.
A full report to come from the day - when the team leaders have time to catch their breath in a day or so.
"Back-to-back" entertainment was conducted throughout the day under the supervision of Sallianne McClelland and the Raffle ticket booth was well attended.
Attached here is a pictorial record of the day so far, with lots of pics to come.
Click - here - for the progressive album  (more to come)
Congratulations to Greg and his team!!