Posted by Anne Prescott
Gaia - Sustainability in Action in Kaffrine, Senegal (West Africa)
Last year Chris McMillan spoke at the RCW about the Gaia project in Senegal. This project sets out to improve the Kaffrine (Senegal) villagers' response to the 
challenges of food security, resource scarcity and climate change.
Like most countries in the Sahel (semi-arid region of Africa covering the south-central latitudes of Northern Africa between the Atlantic Ocean and the Red Sea), Senegal suffers from diminishing and unreliable rainfall (associated with climate change), poor soil quality, unsustainable farming practices, unsustainable exploitation of natural resources, intense livestock grazing, rapid population increase and public health issues, such as malnutrition.
These stresses are leading to increased levels of poverty and vulnerability to climate change, especially in the rural areas of Senegal.
The projected output from the project includes moringa (useful in fighting malnutrition), tomatoes, pumpkins, potatoes, mint and lemongrass, okra, mangoes, onions, chillies, honey, and citrus fruit, with enough output to feed the local people and sell produce in the markets.
We have now completed all the paperwork including making Gaia a Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) project so tax deductible donations can be made. For donations you can use the details below.
Go to RAWCS website and search for the Senegal project – it’s the only one!

The RAWCS number for the project is 41-2022-23: Gaia – Sustainability in Action in Kaffrine, Senegal (West Africa) (RAOAF).