We are so pleased you are keen to sign up. This is what you are signing up for - you will:

  1. Engage with your company or community to do a ‘odd/unused sock’ drive (odd/unused socks that would have gone eventually into the garbage bin, and therefore to landfill). We can provide you with sample wording to use to encourage engagement from your school/community group/company/organisation.
  2. Impress upon your community the importance of sending us odd/unused socks that would have gone to landfill so we can ensure our project is reducing waste, not creating waste.
  3. Encourage your community to ensure the collected ‘odd/unused socks’ are clean!
  4. Register and pay $20 to take part in our Socktastic Celebration for World Mental Health Day World Record Attempt. 
  5. Remember to drop your socks at one of our Socktastic Sock Drop Spots or arrange for them to be delivered on your behalf.

So you are ready to say yes?

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