Posted by Ian Cameron
Another wonderful day at the Claude Cameron Grove on Sunday morning - 300 participants registered and 200 Knox boys also acting as Buddies and accompanying runners. The day began on a chilly morning at 6.45am for your brave colleagues who arrived to set up the BBQ facility and cooking began at 7.30 am with first customers anxious for a warming treat! Mildren Events already had the marque and BBQ's in place for us as we unloaded our food and equipment.
We had a great team in attendance throughout the morning cooking and serving. Ross (and Sue) Catterall, John Julius, Rob Giacometti, Janet Grundy, Chaneg Torres, John Collins, Nermine Toma, Arija McQuillan, Barry Edmundson, David Russell and David Rigby, Helen Clark supervising the Knox boarders also helped out.
A very successful event - some supplies left over but have been despatched to the Dish and Hornsby Connect for their use.                       
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