Posted by Radha Simhadri
All of us in our Club have been horrified by images of families in India carrying their sick loved ones on stretchers from hospital to hospital seeking help and hearing of people dying, not from the virus itself, but from lack of oxygen. We hear how people with symptoms have no way of getting tested, let alone treated, because the health system is overwhelmed.
As Sabarish explained recently at our meeting, this is what happens when those with power take their eye off the virus or underestimate the risk: people die. And we watch on, helpless.
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But as Rotarians we have the ability to help.
Our fellow Rotarians at the Rotary Club of Mysore, India have put themselves in the front line, providing oxygen cylinders, protective equipment, home COVID packs including COVID tests and other medical equipment to those who call their Rotary volunteer helpline. But they urgently need our financial help so they can buy supplies. Our Club wants to send that help urgently.
Below a snapshot of the type of supplies we plan to fund and approximate values.



$A Cost EA 

Oxygen Cylinder -1 


Thermometer – 10 


Pulse Oximeter - 10 


PPE Kit - 10 


Face Shield - 100 


  Face Mask - 1000    


Isolation Gown - 10 


Sanitizer 300 ml - 10 


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India COVID-19 Relief Appeal today.
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