Stuart Greaves spent his savings on his first open-wheel racing car as a teenager over 40 years ago, which he destroyed shortly thereafter when youthful enthusiasm exceeded ability. Subsequently he turned his attention to athletics and by age thirty was selected to represent Australia as a marathon runner internationally.



His competitive nature and interest in motorsport continued though, and in recent times focused on teaching advanced, defensive and racing driver skills to the public. Apart from driving, Stuart has worked in motorsport in other capacities, often as a TV cameraman specialising in onboard footage and in data/video analyst for race teams.


Since 2004 he has spent many days in the passenger seat of racing cars as an instructor, and in the passenger seat of tarmac rally cars as a navigator. As a motoring enthusiast he has owned more than 50 road cars, racing cars or motorcycles. He has a particular fondness for Porsche cars, especially ones he can’t afford.

Stuart lives in Wahroonga and drives at an appropriate sedate manner through the Wahroonga roundabout when he’s not out running.