Posted by Simran Talwar
The Rotary Club of Wahroonga is eligible for recognition badges in the following sustainability categories – Business Health, Energy, Water, Waste, Purchasing, Bye Bye Plastic and Community.
Simran received notification this past week for our re-accreditation as a
"Better Business Partner"
Click - here - to read the full report on our achievement.
Ed Comment:
Several years ago we approached Amanda Choy (KMC) to ask her to nominate a suitable organisation to include in our Rotary Community Award process (Environment Category) - that was successful and Janelle Speight maintained contact in subsequent years and sought an accreditation for our Rotary Club, which has now been updated for 2022/23. Thank you Simran for maintaining this tradition. We will continue to seek to maintain these standards through the events we undertake and sponsor.