The Martin Forrow Award was instituted in 1993 in memory of our Past President Martin Forrow. The award is presented to the member of the Rotary Club of Wahroonga who, not being a Board member, is judged by the Board to have made the greatest single contribution to the work and welfare of the Club in the preceding Rotary Year.
The Award consists of a momento, a certificate and a plaque which is attached to the Martin Forrow lectern.  The Award is presented by the outgoing President on the changeover night.
The following members have received the award:
Year   Name
1993-1994   Nick Geddes
1994-1995   Phillip Hinton
1995-1996   Dino di Paolo
1996-1997   Ken Broadhead
1997-1998   Margaret Small
1998-1999   David Maclean
1999-2000   Richard Lombard
2000-2001   Ken Broadhead
2001-2002   Bruce Grime
2001-2002   Phillip Comfort
2001-2002   Shirley Comfort
2001-2002   Sue Owen
2002-2003   Bob Potter
2003-2004   Anne Prescott
2004-2005   George Richards
2005-2006   Sandy van Dijk
2006-2007   Janet Grundy
2007-2008   Arthur Pearce
2008-2009   Judy Harris
2009-2010   Mike Brownlow
2010-2011   Vic Deeble
2011-2012   Ian Cameron
2012-2013   Marlene Carty
2013-2014   Ken Broadhead
2014-2015   Phil Easton
2015-2016   George Richards
2016-2017   David Russell
2017-2018   Kerrin McCormack
2018-2019   Ian Cameron
2019-2020   Jo Moffat