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Rotary Club of Wahroonga
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Summary of Activities – 2014/15
The Club proudly holds the 2013/2014 District Trophy for the best group of International Projects undertaken in that year.
RC Wahroonga funded the provision of 9 Shelterboxes in 2013/14.
SAN Hospital Philippines Outreach
RC Wahroonga, through its fundraising joint venture the Novus Foundation, facilitated the raising of $50,000 contributed to the SAN Hospital’s ‘Open Heart International’ Philippines Eye Health project. This project involves the acquisition of a modern cataract removal machine together with appropriate training for local ophthalmic surgeons provided by a series of volunteer surgical teams sourced from the SAN. The intent is local surgeons to be competent to operate using the equipment on an ongoing basis without support.
Nepal Schools Project
RC Wahroonga continued its multiyear Nepal Schools Project. The project works to support existing government funded schools, on a fully sustainable basis, in a poor and remote part of Ghorka District Nepal. Areas of focus are teacher training and improvements to schools toilets. Toilet construction uses local materials and technologies readily maintained by school staff. The major activities in 2014/15 were:
  1. RC Wahroonga member Dr Anne Prescott, a teacher training professional at UTS, led a volunteer teacher training team to Bhairabi in January 2014. The 2014 teacher training program developed the skills introduced in two prior teacher training teams. The 2014 teacher training team undertook a fundraising trivia night and associated raffle in support of the project, raising approximately $22,000 to be applied partly to a Global Grant project under development ( see below ) and partly to urgently needed structural work at Ghandarki Secondary School in Ghorka District Nepal.
  2. RC Wahroonga contributed $3,000 to a Global Grant project, underway at present, constructing toilet blocks at four needy schools in Ghorka District Nepal. This project is led by RC Chatswood, through Peter Kindred who lead the 2013 teacher training team, and RC Mt Everest Lalitpur Nepal, through Rtn Prem Khatry the Nepal Schools Project key partner in Nepal.
  3. RC Wahroonga led the development of a Matching Grant project which will seek approval from RI in 2014/15. The project will have a budget of approximately $43,000 and construct toilet blocks at six schools in Ghorka District Nepal. This project will again engage RC Chatswood and Mt Everest Lalitpur Nepal together with funding from District 9685.
  4. RC Wahroonga members supported complementary albeit non-Rotary volunteer team visits to the Nepal Schools Project schools by volunteer teams from the UNSW and St Augsutine’s College Brookvale.
Jeevananda Orphanage Project
RC Wahroonga continued its multiyear Jeevananda Orphanage Project. A new and much expanded orphanage was constructed to replace one at Jeevananda Sri Lanka destroyed in the Boxing Day Tsunami. The orphanage provides a home for young orphan girls including many orphaned in the Tsumani. The orphanage is funded and staffed by a local religious order on a fully sustainable basis. The major activities in 2013/14 were:
  1. Provision of funding of approximately $1,300 for improvements to bathroom and sewer facilities.
  2. Funding for an English language training initiative which will enhance the job prospects for the girls. The intention is to develop an opportunity to earn additional revenue for the orphanage through taking local students into the English training on a few paying basis, once the quality of the training is demonstrated.
Teachers for Timor
RC Wahroonga provided $1,500 towards RC Glenhaven’s ‘Teachers for Timor’ project which provides formal quality teacher training in Timor Leste.
Global Grant – School Toilet Construction Timor Leste
RC Wahroonga is providing funding of $3,000 for a Matching Grant project about to commence which will construct school toilet blocks in Timor Leste. This project is led by RC Roseville with the support and involvement of DG Graham Davies and RC Chatswood.
‘Didi’s Day’
RC Wahroonga members assisted in the organisation and running of the 13th consecutive bridge day and craft sale fundraiser in support of an orphanage in Mongolia. The day raised approximately $13,000. The Didi’s support team has been led by two hardworking Wahroonga Rotarian spouses for the full 13 years. Specific Rotary projects have supported a range of enhancements to the orphanage over that period, helping to develop the orphanage from very modest beginnings. As the financial position of the orphanage is now secure and the future of the orphanage assured, the Didi’s support team has successfully concluded its work.
Water Project
RC Wahroonga International committee members undertook an extensive search for a clean water provision project in Australia’s near region. While the project search is ongoing the search team is pursuing several quality options in conjunction with RI’s global clean water group.
RC Wahroonga commenced work towards initiation of a project in 2014/15 in support the RC of Phnom Penh’s MEC project, a healthcare project. A healthy dialogue has commenced with RC of Phnom Penh culminating in a presentation to the club on the MEC project by a RC of Phnom Penh member.
Kopanang Women’s Co-operative
RC Wahroonga commenced work towards initiation of a project in 2014/15 in support the Kopanang Women’s Co-operative in Tsakane South Africa. The project will focus on skills and capacity development as the co-operative develops income generating activities as it strives for financial sustainability.  The Tsakane community has been very serious impacted by the HIV/Aids epidemic.
Richard Jackson
International Director