Rob Ferguson Silver Anniversary Plate Award
The Ferguson Plate was instituted in December 2000. It was first presented at the 25th Anniversary dinner of the Club to Rob Ferguson, the only charter member still in the Club at that time. The award recognises the important contributions made to our Club by our long-serving members. After the initial presentation it has been awarded at the Changeover Dinner to the next longest-serving member still an active member of the Club.

The following members have received the award:


1999-2000                                Rob Ferguson

2000-2001                                Gordon Fuller

2001-2002                                Stan Penberthy

                                                  Ian Davidson

2002-2003                                Jim Mein

2003-2004                                Rob Giacometti

2004-2005                                David Cooper

2005-2006                                Lionel Lever    

2006-2007                                Peter Smith    

2007-2008                                Henry Salisch 

2008-2009                                John Cameron
2009-2010                                John Julius
2010-2011                                John Welch

2011-2012                                Bruce Grime

2012-2013                                John Baikie

                                                 George Richards

2013-2014                                      Ian Cameron

2014-2015                                Steve McGregor

2015-2016                                Ken Broadhead

2016-2017                                Jim Verco

2017-2018                                Ron Wainberg

2018-2019                                Phil Comfort

2019-2020                                Dick Webb