Our world record attempt has been delayed to 2021
However - we will still be celebrating the importance of community connectedness on
World Mental Health day 2020 by bringing together all the
Socktastically amazing Essential Worker Sock Puppets that we have all made.
SO .... get making and let's see how many we can make.
As we have our centenary coming up we will have a
special prize for the 100th sock puppet received!
Read more about how you can get involved
We cannot do anything about a pandemic, but we can do something about how we respond.
We invite you to be part of our
Celebration for World Mental Health Day
Essential Worker Sock Puppet Exhibition
The Rotary Club of Wahroonga community group are appreciative of the members of our community who had to come together when everyone else moved apart and worked to support the more vulnerable members of our community. We call them our 'Essential Worker Heroes'. We would like to offer an activity for all of us to get involved in as a 'chillax' activity - make one of those lost and lonely socks that lie in around in the laundry into an 'Essential Worker Hero Sock Puppet'.
This activity can be part of your group, business or organisation activities to bring your community together in appreciation of all the hard work they/you have done in this time. Not only does it appreciate each other, it also is a simple and fun activity to do!
Use as much recycled and recyclable material as possible.
Examples of key workers you might like to honour:
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Chemists
  • Posties
  • Refuse collectors
  • Receptionists
  • Activity Co-ordinators
  • Cooks
  • Teachers
  • Cleaners
  • Physios
  • Carers
  • Government workers
  • Politicians
  • Online exercise practitioners
  • Mums
  • Dads
The list is endless so surprise us with more!
  • Recognise Essential Worker Heroes from your organisation and make them part of our Celebration for World Mental Health Day.
  • Make it a group activity over zoom or in your shared space and make it an opportunity for conversation.
  • Make it an opportunity to recycle.

There is no need to pay to be part of this project but any funds raised will go towards other Rotary Club of Wahroonga Community Projects we run.

If you would like to donate to our project, then that is SOCKTASTICALLY AMAZING! 


All net proceeds from the day will go to The Rotary Club of Wahroonga's Community Projects which include contributions to the Rotary Foundation, both of which have a number of projects with a focus on Mental Health.